Marine Cargo Insurance

We can arrange marine cargo insurance, to cover against losses and damage of goods in transit at sea or by air. The carrier or freight forwarder's liability is limited by the terms and conditions under which they trade, and will not provide full cargo value cover, therefore we advise all customers to take up marine cargo insurance on a per shipment basis or annual policy. 

When you are buying goods from an overseas supplier on a freight prepaid basis (e.g. Incoterm 2010 - CNF or CIF) the insurance risk up to the arrival port is usually the supplier's concern. If you are an exporter and supplying to your overseas customer on prepaid basis, the risk of loss or damage to the cargo remains with you until the cargo is delivered to the agreed destination.  

Marine cargo insurance can be provided on a case by case basis, or a policy can be taken out on an annual basis which covers all goods in transit for the year. For importers, please note that duty is payable on the cost of cargo insurance. Your customs clearance agent should be made aware of your premium in order to declare insurance costs on each and every customs entry submitted on your behalf.  

We can arrange marine cargo insurance for your goods, please contact us by calling 0113 815 2830 or by emailing to, we look forward to being of service.