Our Approach

We try to understand as much about our individual customer's business as possible, in order to be able to  help them meet their own business objectives. 

Our customers require good value and quality service. The experience we have built up over many years of handling complex supply chains, our knowledge of overseas operations, carrier schedules, customs tariff and procedures is essential to provide a high level of service and find solutions to problems should they arise. 

Working with some of the UK's leading manufacturers and international trading companies has allowed us to develop an in-depth knowledge of advanced supply chains and an ability to recognise and implement best in practice solutions. We use the benefit of our experience to our indivdual customer's advantage. 

Whether a first time importer or an established international retailer, we can use a fresh innovative approach to improve service levels, reduce cost in the supply chain and improve cash flow for your business.

Contact us by calling 0113 815 2830 or by emailing to info@bosunlogistics.com, we look forward to being of service.