Customs Tariff

Customs Tariff

To use the online customs tariff please click on the below link;

HM Customs & Excise Online Tariff

You can use the on-line tariff to find commodity codes for your import and export products. You need to ensure you correctly classify goods with the right commodity codes so that you pay the right tax and duty and follow regulations.

As an importer or exporter you are responsible for ensuring correct classification, use of commodity codes and procedures, even if you use an agent. HM Revenue and Customs can fine you, seize your goods and delay their release from customs if you import or export goods with the wrong code or licence.

As well as providing the commodity code for your product, the Trade Tariff lists other things you may need to import or export your goods, such as:

  • import or export licences or any special regulations or measures for your goods

  • the duty rate to pay

  • whether VAT applies and the rate to pay

  • duty and tax relief

  • any exemptions from licences in certain countries

  • the customs procedures that apply to your goods